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Enjoy a fully guided photoshoot with an experienced and caring Toronto photographer, where you'll shine in front of the camera. We specialize in capturing your personality and essence, ensuring you'll leave with stunning, timeless portraits.

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What's included?

  • CONSULTATION: Meet with a glamour photographer in Toronto to discuss how you want to be photographed, what outfits you would like to wear, etc.
  • PROFESSIONAL HAIR AND MAKE-UP: A pampering session with make-up artistry and hairstyling to make you look your best.
  • FULLY GUIDED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOT: This is all about you experiencing a fun and empowering session that will leave you feeling more confident and beautiful.
  • GUIDED REVEAL AND ORDERING: Select your gifted print, and order your favorite photographs and products.
  • STUDIO CREDIT: You will receive $300 towards
          Additional photographs and products.

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Our mission is to empower women of all ages. This glamour photography in Toronto session isn't just about pictures; it's about embracing your inner confidence and celebrating your journey through life.

I'm beautiful just the way I am.

"2023 was an exceptionally hard year and I needed to celebrate my birthday of 56 years. It had to be something special and something just for me to appreciate the journey I’ve gone through and that I’m beautiful just the way I am.
What a perfect way to celebrate by having Carla take the most beautiful pictures of me. Just the whole experience was absolutely wonderful from having Carla help with my outfits to the house to having my makeup done and overall making me feel special. It was so worth taking a day off work and allowing Carla work her magic."

-Shahin Saleem

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Elevate your expectations with the images and experience you truly deserve. 

Studio Headshots

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“Carla is a fantastic photographer. She is very kind and makes you feel comfortable while giving direction for poses to give you beautiful photos. I really appreciated that she took the time to reposition lights and change settings to ensure all the photos looked right. I would recommend Carla for anyone looking for a wonderful and talented photographer!..”

— Bryanna Price

“Carla is an amazing professional photographer. She makes you feel comfortable and knows exactly the best light to take your pictures in. I am very pleased with the finished products that she has created for me. I would highly recommend Carla's services for anyone looking to create professional photos that you can use for personal use or business purposes!”

— Darlene Brushett

I just had the most excellent experience with Carla. It’s one of those things that you would like to do, but may be a little nervous to undertake, however, Carla put me completely at ease, and it was a wonderful photo session. I was very pleased with the photos and have already framed mine and have it hanging.
I encourage everywoman who is looking in the mirror and thinking, I’m not ready, to rethink that, and just go do it!

— Carol Tingley

Why invest in yourself?

  • Because you deserve it.
  • It's fun!
  • It's a chance to do something that may make you uncomfortable and to push past that.
  • Contact us to show yourself that with tailored lighting and posing guidance you too can look like you belong on the cover of a magazine. 

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At Ellahrika, we understand that every woman is unique and deserves to feel truly glamorous. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our exclusive Glamour Portrait Session, designed especially for you. Elevate your confidence and embrace your inner beauty with this unforgettable experience!