Step into a world where you'll feel  comfortable and confident. Say goodbye to camera shyness and hello to a relaxed, enjoyable photoshoot experience, leaving you with cherished memories and captivating images.

With a keen eye for angles, lighting, and composition, I specialize in accentuating your best features.

As a photographer passionate about empowering women, I've seen firsthand the remarkable impact on self-esteem.  And the transformative power of embracing your uniqueness and owning your beauty. Let's capture your confidence, one click at a time.

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I'm Carla

ello, I'm Carla of Ellahrika Photography—a trusted name for Professional Photography in Toronto. With over two decades of experience.  I'm dedicated to helping you feel and look good!


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The studio

Located in Milton On.  I have a home based studio that my clients have commented on as a warm and comfortable environment that allows them to relax.   There is a make-up room and private change area.

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Thank you Carla for helping me find me !
I can't say enough about the skill, professionalism, and soulfulness that Carla provided me as I decided to have a professional portrait done. Carla has a knack of making you feel comfortable, calm and happy as she provides a warm environment that created my amazing photographic images, Her images showed me being me...capturing the me that never seemed to be captured in casual photos. In the photo transition, I went from a stiff Kathy to a happy Kathy and someone who started feeling beautiful in my own skin again!
Carla, thank you for providing me with such beautiful images and an amazing experience. Your guidance on what to expect, what I needed to do, like suggesting a haircut before the shoot, to a mani/pedi to make me feel special, and providing hair styling and professional make up in the session. You made me be calm and happy which showed through the helped bring ease to my being, and your skill as a photographer produced incredible photos.



Working with Carla was an amazing experience. She is so relaxed and encouraging. I am so pleased with my photographs. I felt comfortable and beautiful and would highly recommend Carla and @ellahrikaphotography to everyone.


I highly recommend Ellahrika Photography. My experience was so fantastic. Carla creates an easy, safe, welcoming space in which you can relax and let her capture your essence. I ended up with so many great options to choose from and the photos really reflect who I am.


I am so happy with my photos that Carla took (she is amazing). I took part of the beautiful experience of 50 over 50 project with Carla. Wow it was amazing, from having my hair and make up done just before the shoot and then being guided to get the best smile and poses. A very uplifting experience. Carla you are amazing. thank you


I would highly recommend! Absolutely wonderful experience. I was pleasantly surprised just how wonderful my pictures actually turned out! I want to show the world! Thanks so much Carla!


I just had the most excellent experience with Carla. It’s one of those things that you would like to do, but may be a little nervous to undertake, however, Carla put me completely at ease, and it was a wonderful photo session. I was very pleased with the photos and have already framed mine and have it hanging.

I encourage everywoman who is looking in the mirror and thinking, I’m not ready, to rethink that, and just go do it!


I would like to recommend Carla for any photography you are looking for. Even if you are sceptical of a glamour shot, Carla will . make you feel special and at ease. I am so happy with the results and expertise she has shown me. As well she has given me tips, unknowingly, on having a photo taken on my own. As an older woman, I am in need of such tricks! Thank you Carla, good luck in all you do.


I had the pleasure of sitting for a photo shoot with Carla Morgado. I brought all my insecurities with me. I was amazed at her compassion and kindness. No words can describe the photos she took. I left empowered and confident, and beautiful, and do not remember ever feeling as I do now at the age of 69. Thank-you, Carla" is just not enough to express my gratitude for bringing out the beauty in the ordinary. Everyone should experience what I did!


A true professional. Carla took the time to make me comfortable and had the skills to make me look my best. I would recommend her for all your photography needs.


Carla is amazingly talented! She put me totally at ease, she was fun to work with & play with! I thought I would be uncomfortable & shy about being over 70 years old & having photos done - I just enjoyed it so much! Now I have some photos to give my kids & my grandkids that I feel so good about! I’m still smiling!


You Deserve the best

Your photoshoot experience is more than just capturing images; it's about creating cherished memories.
With a dedication to continuous learning and improvement, I'm  always striving to bring out your best features. Whether it's mastering angles, perfecting lighting, or refining composition, I'm committed to enhancing your experience and delivering stunning results.
I'm here to help you feel your best and capture moments that celebrate your unique beauty."

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