The 40 over 40 project – Photographing woman over 40 featuring Gale Bale

When I first spoke with Gale she shared she is a 75 year old widow with 3 beautiful daughters. She had never done anything like this and it was pushing herself outside her comfort zoon. She wanted to celebrate being “glasses free” for the first time in years!

She not only did the photoshoot for herself but also as a surprise for her friends and family.

What surprises you about being your age now?

Medical issues. I feel like the “bionic woman”. In the past months I’ve received new eyesight through cataract surgery, teeth fixed after old fillings broke, and a new hip (second one) coming next week with surgery. Retirement is looking to be more fun with less pain.

If you will describe to me an important turning point in your life, where everything was different after than it was before.

My husband’s death. I had to learn how to live on my own for the first time in my life. He had always paid all the bills since he was an accountant; but my kids taught me to pay bills online, and keep track of payments in file folders. I now had to do all the chores like keeping the house and yard in shape with some help from kids and grandkids. I had to pay for some snowplowing, gutter cleaning, and pool services when the family wasn’t available.

If you didn’t live in the town you were in/had the job you had, what would you have done differently?

I always wanted to teach P.E.. When I first jumped on a trampoline in grade nine, I thought I could do this for life. I still have a trampoline in my backyard – even though it’s off limits for me with my replaced hips! I’m glad I got to do that job and be a mom! Can’t think of anything else I would have wanted to do!

Each decade brings wisdom…what’s something valuable you learned between 30-40? 40-50? 50-60?

In my 30’s-40’s I learned that being a parent helped me be a better teacher. In my 40’s -50’s I learned I had more freedom. The kids all had partners and jobs as did my husband and I. I retired from my job teaching P.E. And English at 60. I learned how to paint. I joined a woman’s group at the church. I could live life to its fullest. I went with a friend on a tour of Italy. After my husband passed away my kids looked after me very well- including me in their activities and travels. Now in my 70’s, I consider myself a “lucky old broad” with great kids and friends.

What is the one piece of advice would you give your 20-something self?

Travel while you can. Waiting till retirement to travel may not be in the cards! Using a cane means no big hiking, biking, or climbing holidays. COVID didn’t help with travel plans either.

Feeling inspired?

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