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Once upon a time, there was a bustling corporation in Toronto that was in need of new headshots for all of their employees. The office administrator, who was in charge of finding the perfect headshot photographer, knew that this task was not going to be easy. She scoured the internet and asked for recommendations from colleagues, but every photographer she came across seemed to be lacking something important. She needed a photographer who would be able to capture the unique personalities of each employee and make them shine through in their headshots.

Just when she had all but given up hope, she stumbled upon a headshot photographer in Toronto who specialized in corporate headshots. That photographer was Carla from Ellahrika. She set up a meeting with her and was impressed by her portfolio and the way she spoke about her craft. She could tell that she truly cared about capturing the personalities of her subjects.

The administrator set up a photoshoot day for all the employees and Carla arrived early to set up her equipment and make sure everything was perfect. As the employees came in for their headshots, she took the time to get to know each of them and understand what they wanted to convey through their headshot. She was able to capture the unique personalities of each employee in their headshots, from the outgoing salesperson to the more reserved accountant.

The employees were thrilled with the results and the office administrator was praised for finding such a talented headshot photographer who made the experience fun and effortless.

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